Amazon introduces offline viewing



Amazon has just announced a pretty baller new ability for those who have the Amazon Video iOS or Android app.  You guys ready for this? You can now download movies and TV Shows for offline viewing.




Yup. For those times when internet connection just isn’t good enough to stream, or non existent, now you can watch Amazon content whatever whenever!


This feature has been available to users of Amazon-branded Fire phones and tablets, but the rollout for iOS and Android is more than welcome!


Amazon is the first video streaming company to allow this, with Netflix’s Director of Corporate Communications Cliff Edwards saying last year that offline viewing was ‘never going to happen’. Uh, never until this year, right Cliff? He did have a point, however, saying that limited Wi-Fi availability was the issue we needed to be looking at.


Until that problem is fixed (Hi Google!), those of us who do want/need to watch content offline, thanks a bunch Amazon!


Amazon is also changing the name of it’s service from Amazon Instant Video, to Amazon Video.






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