Amazon’s New Years Eve Wish

Do you have a 2016 wish for yourself, your family or your company? Jeff Bezos does. Do you think it’s the same? It might be. Want to find out?


It’s to win an Academy Award. As ambitious as we might be, this is not on our wish list for 2016, but kudos to you if it’s on yours! Jeff, the CEO of Amazon, is pinning his hopes on Amazon Studios to win the prestigious award.


From the Sauce:


“We want to win an Oscar,” he told German newspaper Die Welt in a recent interview. “Amazon has already won Golden Globes and Emmys. Our current target is to produce 16 home movies a year.”


Amazon’s first movie, the Spike Lee film Chi-Raq, is apparently already generating Oscar Buzz, (although a not very great imdb rating…) so he’s nicely on path to succeeding. But then – he’s the CEO of Amazon. That’s seemingly a path to success all on it’s own, whatever the industry.




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