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10 things mobile phone users should never do





1. Please don’t miss social opportunities that you mistake as AWKWARD social situations by pretending that you’re texting.



When we use technology to avoid possibly awkward situations, we’re simply avoiding learning how to manage ourselves in possibly awkward situations. Once we learn that, we can turn these situations around to use them in our advantage. Evil genius or awesome Yogi advice?




2. Don’t go one step further and pretend to be on a phone call, cos, you know, the phone will probably ring.


There is no sage advice with this one. Just don’t risk it, please. For humanity’s sake.




3. Don’t Judge people on their smartphone choice or lack of choice.



Just because you made a choice based on your own understanding of how technology works well in your own life, does not mean you should judge other people for making a different decision. Your opinion on which brand is better may be imporant to you, but calling people sheep or stupid for their smartphone choice is irrelevant and, well, dumb. People make different choices, get over it.



4.Please don’t put your phone on loudspeaker, put it right in front of your mouth and then proceed to yell into it.


This. This just hurts everyone’s ears and some people’s souls. Please consider the poor souls around you. Speaking quietly is far more effective in business and personal relationships, at any rate. However, it is far more acceptable if you are yelling into your phone because you are pretending it is a microphone, and that you are Steven Tyler. ( Liv Tyler’s dad for those more, uh, modern among us.)



5. Don’t Frape.


In case you don’t know, Fraping is when someone leaves their phone or computer unattended and has their FaceBook app or page open. The aim is to then go ahead and try to make them seem stupid/gay/pregnant etc to their many friends and loved ones.


Who is actually laughing at these?  Please stop. The only exception is if it is awesome, like this one.




6. It’s totally the cool thing these days to make sure no-one uses their phone at the dinner table, or in other social circumstances. We get it, people are trying to be disconnected from the outside world, and only connected to the people in the physical space around them.



But please, don’t be a obnoxious douche and please understand if someone has to have their phone on. Sometimes people have things going on in their lives that means they need to be connected to the outside world. It doesn’t mean they’re rude.




7. On the other hand, don’t be a rude douche and take out your smartphone out to do anything that is less important that what is happening in the room around you.



Especially if there is something happening that is important to someone you care about. Even though it may be tempting to follow the game during the family christmas movie time, think about how that breaks you apart from what everyone else in the room is experiencing. No good.






It’s so tempting, we know, and we know you can do two or three things at once, and we know you’re one of the best drivers you or anyone else knows, but that’s what other people thought, minutes before they crashed.


Just don’t do it.




9. Don’t forget to use your upgrade!


Sirs! Madams! You should upgrade! Why are you waiting around with a stinky old phone? You can do better, you can be better! Upgrade! And then don’t you dare leave that stinky old phone in a drawer. Sell it for CASHMONEY.


Then smile!




10. Don’t forget to be super grateful and happy about the tiny fancy computer in your pocket that lets you communicate, educate, create, listen to music, play games and movies, take photos and video. Be happy about the fact that these tiny computers are relatively normal now, because technology is always advancing, and you’re lucky enough to experience it personally!







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How many android users switching to Apple?!


So, we kinda like Apple. Could you tell?


We really like it when other people like Apple too, although anyone can do anything they like. Obviously. And Androids and Samsung and stuff are cool too. and stuff.


But, we just thought we’d share this recent study with you. According to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, Apple has been particularly successful in getting Android users to swap over to using an iPhone.


The study, conducted over a year between June 2012 and June 2013, shows clearly that 20% of iPhone buyers had previously owned an Android powered smart phone. Winning, Apple?



Twenty-six percent of iPhone buyers were updating to Apple’s phone from a basic or feature phone, while 43 percent had already owned an Apple phone and were upgrading.




On the other end, though, only seven percent of Samsung phone buyers were switching from Apple devices.


Looking only at customers who had switched brands, fully one third of Apple’s new customers had previously owned Samsung devices. Only 11 percent of Samsung’s customers came from Apple.







We like to think that the clash of Fanboys and Fandroids is a little bit silly and tech forums especially can be more than a little bit scary when it comes to the insults flying around between them.


But still.



Go Apple!








Image courtesy of Forbes.