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Inbox by Gmail is getting a new feature, and you’ll really like it

Do you use the Inbox by Gmail App? Are you interested in a more efficient and rapid way to respond to emails? Duh. Well, the guys over at Gmail had an idea, and it looks to be a pretty decent one. They’re going to answer your emails for you. Kind of.


The feature is called ‘Smart Reply’.


When you receive an email, it will give you three options of phrases and short sentences to choose from, for a reply. The responses are created by deep machine learning and analysis of the content of the email and will (hopefully) make perfectly awesome sense.




The feature also learns over time which replies you pick most often, and which one’s you discard, making the process even more efficient.



From the sauce:


“For those emails that only need a quick response, it can take care of the thinking and save precious time spent typing. And for those emails that require a bit more thought, it gives you a jump start so you can respond right away.”



The feature will be rolling out later this week as part of the Inbox by Gmail App, which you can get from the App store!



Check out the official Gmail blog for more info!