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Kindle unlimited – books foreVER!

Kindle has today officially announced the release of their new Kindle Unlimited product, which should make the bibliophiles amongst us prettttty happy! Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service that offers unlimited access to all of Kindle’s library of titles and thousands of Audible audiobooks.


If you subscribe, you can access all of this on a Kindle, or on a Kindle app on the iPad, Mac or iPhone for a monthly fee of $9.99. . The nice guys over at Kindle are offering a 30 day free trial which also comes with a free three month Audible service.


Reading is pretty much one of the only things you don’t have to do in moderation, if you think about it, unless you’re paying a lot of money to do it. And now you don’t have to! Yay reading!






How cool is Amazon’s new Mayday button?



Kindles have always been pretty cool, but they just recently got a whole heck of a lot cooler.


They recently released new tablets which are awesome, BUT it is their massively increased customer service that is funneled directly from their understanding of their customers experience with the tablets that has us impressed.


We’re talking about the Mayday Button.


This is magic portal (other wise known as an icon you can press on screen) which connects you to a live Amazon representative through a video feed. Whoever you connect to can’t see you (hooray for Pajamas!) but they can talk to you, they can draw on the screen and they can take control of your device to fix any issues. These magical Amazon elves are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and they will respond within 15 seconds.


For free.


Very cool. See?



Uh, customer service win? Bye hold music!



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