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Smartphone Users, By The Numbers

INFOGRAPHICS! YEAH! These things make everything fun to read what with the colors and the shapes and the little pointy arrows!


We give you the best fun of 2014 so far- Smartphone infographics!






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Country by country who has the most mobile phones?



There are over 6.8 BILLION mobile phones in the world. Yay! Everyone in the world has mobile tech!


Uh…not quite. (Zuckerberg is working on it though!)


Not everyone in the world has ( or wants?) access to mobile tech, but there’s quite a few people who do. Some even many times over.


Which country you think has the most mobile phones?


If you’re thinking it’s mostly dictated by, well, which country has the most people, you’d be about.. 63.2% right ( don’t try and calculate that, it’s a fakestimated percentage!)


Here is the list, ranked country by country of mobile phones ownership around the world.




1. China 1,206,553,000
2. India 867,800,000
3. United States  327,577,529 310
4. Brazil 268,440,423
5. Russia  256,116,000
6. Indonesia 236,800,000
7. Pakistan 125,012,860
8. Japan  121,246,700
9. Germany  107,000,000
10. Philippines 106,987,098



So there you go. Lots and lots and lots and lots ( is that enough lots?) and…lots of mobile phones! Who knew this would be a thing? ( Steve Jobs did.)



Image courtesy of Metskers.