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New Facebook feature



Apparently everyone’s all about helping people break up this time of year.


This could be to due to the ‘turkey drop’ myth. You know, before thanksgiving, when everyone realizes that they’re going to have to spend all that quality romantic time with that special someone over the holidays… and that perhaps they’re not so keen.


More keen on being single under the work party mistletoe, right?


Well, here’s another way to ease the pain of breaking up, this time brought to you by Facebook.



Once you indicate on Facebook that you have ended a relationship, or are now ‘single’, you now have a bunch of options that will limit the posts you see of your ex. You can make it so they don’t see any of your posts, and vice versa, unless you specifically go to their page. You also have the  ability to edit your photos. Edit that crabface  out… or at least their tag.


All this without having to block or unfriend them, because you guys still want to be friends, right? Right? Guys?