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Amazon has a new product called Echo. We wrote about it in our most recent Deals Of The Week Blog article, the folks over at Amazon are very excited about it, BUT the product does have it’s naysayers (particularly concerning the price and similarity to other services).


So let’s have a look!


It’s a futuristic little guy, a black cylindrical speaker with a voice, called and responding to ‘Alexa’. It functions very similarly to how Siri does within an Apple device.


Little Alexa sits in a room in your house, waking up when the word ‘Alexa’ is spoken. A nice hands-free touch that will be great for solving general knowledge arguments. It answers any questions you have, as well as having the ability to complete functions and tasks for you such as playing music, setting an alarm and creating and editing lists.


Echo (slightly confusing with the 2 names, Amazon) has 7 microphones and far-field voice recognition capability that can detect a request from anywhere in a room and speakers that can fill any room.


If you buy Echo, you are also purchasing access to Amazon Music, Prime Music, iHeartRadio and TuneIn, and as Echo has Bluetooth, you will also be able to play music from a phone or tablet though the Echo. Which is definitely cool.


Similar to Siri, it’s designed to learn over time, and you can use part of the functionality (such as shopping lists and alarms) through the accompanying Amazon Echo App (unfortunately but not unexpectedly only on Android or Fire O/S), or through a web interface.


We can definitely see the opportunities and futuristic functionality of Echo, but perhaps the current price is a little high for something that is so similar to the free (within purchased devices of course) services of Siri and Google Now. We do look forward to having a play with the little dude.


Right now if you’re an Amazon Prime member you can purchase the Echo/Alexa for only $99 which is $100 off the real price tag of $199 for everyone else, however you still have to request an invitation to be able to buy it.




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