iPhone 5C is now only offered in 8GB!




Around the same time that Apple announced the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch, something else happened quietly in the background to one of their recent iPhone models.


The iPhone 5C is now being offered only in one size – 8GB. Dun dUn DUN!


This size was not even offered as an original option for the iPhone 5C, (the options were 16GB and 32GB only) however earlier in the year Apple did release the 8GB model in 5 areas such as the UK and Australia – not the United States.


Now, if you take a look at the Apple store, you’ll find this is the only option available. This is something a lot of people may not be super happy about, considering how small 8GB feels like to some (most?), and especially considering it takes approximately 4.6 GB of free space just to upgrade an iPhone to iOS 8.


So, is this the beginning of the end to the iPhone 5C in the U.S.? It looks like it might be the case. If so, we’ll miss you, you colorful little guy. You were too cool for your own good.


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