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Piper Jaffray recently did a survey of American teenagers, seeing what tech and social media they’re into compared to years past. The survey is  published and used by investment analysts and company head honchos to see what they should be doing different to pick up the lead in the all-important youth market.


Recently, we learnt that Instagram is number 1 in American teens eyes, whilst Facebook is falling in importance in their wee little eyes. Now we learn that the Apple Watch? Not so much in their focus.They surveyed 6200 teenagers and only 11% plan on purchasing an Apple Watch. This is down from 16% from a similar survey down last Fall. And mainly? They’re in it for the style, rather than the function.



…Yeah, we could probably have guessed that.







The good news for Apple? The iPhone and the iPad remain the most popular smartphone and tablet among teenagers. 66% of teenagers surveyed owned an iPhone, while 64 percent owned an iPad. 72 percent of teens expect their next smartphone purchase will be an iPhone, while 60 percent expect their next tablet to be an iPad.


21 percent of teens expect their next smartphone purchase to be an Android, and 16 percent plan to buy an Android tablet. Interest in Windows tablets has grown slightly, however, and 20 percent of teens expect their next tablet purchase to be Windows-based.


The next Teen survey will be published in October this year, and it will be interesting to see what we expect to be teen interest in the Apple Watch build quite significantly.


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