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New Emoji coming with iOS 11.1

iOS 11.1 was released to registered developers today via Apple’s Developer Center or over-the-air once the proper configuration profile has been installed from the Developer Center.


The exciting part? Well, CRAZY FACE, the new version will include a range of new Unicode 10 emoji like crazy face, pie, pretzel, t-rex, vampire, exploding head (obvs), face vomiting, shushing face, love you gesture, brain, scarf, zebra, giraffe (yay!), fortune cookie, pie, hedgehog, and more.





There have also been some detailed but small design changes to some of the emoji.





Yay Emoji! The language of the future?




Tweet at Google for why?

Starting yesterday, if you tweet an emoji at Google,  it will most likely respond with a bunch of relevant and related results. Yay! Words are so overrated, right?


Example: Tweet a burger emoji @Google, and Google will respond with a link to Google search results for the best burger in your area on a map.


The feature will apparently work with over 200 different emoji for food, sites and activities near you. There will also be easter eggs! EASTER EGGS ARE THE BEST.


Try it today!


New Emoji’s!




This week sees the U.N Climate Summit in Paris, where world leaders (over 140 of them!), scientists and activists are getting together to discuss how we can cut emissions of greenhouse gases.


The aim is to limit global warming to the agreed target of 2 degrees Celsius, or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, above pre-industrial levels. If global warming goes above this, well, shizz is going to get crazy.



To mark the event, Twitter released 3 new emoji’s, seen above. Yay Twitter!





Twitter expanding the like option with emoji?


According to those in the know, Twitter is testing expanding the ‘like’ or heart button into multiple emoji reactions, similar to how Facebook is currently rolling out Facebook Reactions –  buttons other than ‘like’.


This is in line with a growing number of people who have a difficult time pressing ‘like’ when a friend or fellow Twitter-er puts something out into the social media world that is not necessarily happy.


The rumor is that the heart option on twitter will be reinvented to include a pop up menu that shows a bunch of emoji’s showing an array of emotions.


Twitter has so far not commented on this, but we for one think it is a GREAT idea.




Oxford Dictionary chooses.. wait they chose WHAT for their word of the year?!



Every year the folks over at the Oxford dictionary pick a word that best reflects the ethos, mood, and preoccupations of said year.



This year? The news might be a little uncomfortable – are you ready? The Oxford Dictionary Word of the year is -the “Face With Tears of Joy” emoji. It is the most used emoji globally of 2015. Some would argue that this does not actually make it count as a word, but hey, we’re  progressive world, are we not?


You can check out the reasons behind the choice on the Oxford Dictionary blog here. 


Oxford is currently polling readers on its blog about what word they’d chose as Word of the Year. As of the time of writing, “They” is winning with 21%, followed by the ‘Face With Tears Of Joy’ emoji at 20%, followed closely behind with “refugee” at 19%.


Here is the list of the Oxford Dictionary words of the year up to today.



Year UK Word of the Year US Word of the Year
2015 😂 (Face With Tears of Joy, part of emoji)[21]
2014 Vape[22]
2013 selfie[23]
2012 omnishambles GIF (verb)
2011 squeezed middle
2010 big society refudiate
2009 simples unfriend
2008 credit crunch hypermiling
2007 carbon footprint locavore
2006 bovvered carbon-neutral
2005 sudoku podcast
2004 chav







Emjoi your FACE!

Everyone loves the glee Emoji’s bring us young and young at heart, but now, someone has gone a step further by doing that thing where you go I SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT and created an App where you can make an Emoji out of your FACE. Or yo mama’s face.


Created by San Francisco based App developer Tom Smith, Imojiapp has the ability to turn any face into a sticker that can then be used as an Emoji in iMessages.


Simply download the app (free from the App Store), sign up with your email address, agree to the terms and conditions ( Duh) and you’re off face creating!


Here is the favorite so far at the iPhone Antidote offices. Meet Papa Nu Guinea Pig as an Emoji.




New Emoji yay

In case you guys weren’t paying attention to your Facebook feed last week,  the world has been blessed by around 250 new Emoji ( yes, the plural of Emoji is Emoji. Like moose, although we, as awesome people, prefer Meese.)


Apparently the people in charge of Emoji are The Unicode Consortium, which sounds way fancier than what we had imagined – ‘ the wacky consortium of fun little doodle things.’  Anyway, they’ve announced version 7.0 of the Unicode Standard, which will in turn see the introduction of all those sweet new Emoji which will be seen in future versions of the Android and iOS operating systems.


According to the Unicode Consortium, the new emoji characters are primarily derived from characters used in the Wingdings and Webdings fonts. A full list of the new emoji names can be found on Emojipedia, which includes descriptions for each future emoji. A few examples:



– “Clamshell Mobile Phone”
– “man in business suit levitating”
– “Black Skull & Crossbones”
– “chipmunk”
– “Sleuth or Spy”
– “reversed hand with middle finger extended”



We’re especially looking forward to using the man in business suit levitating next to a chipmunk. For… reasons.