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iPhone 5 response time is soo much better than the other guys





Just like this guy, Apple’s hard work has paid off with a win! Probably not going to be seeing Tim Cook in an orange G-Sting accepting a big ‘ol gold medal though, which is… good.


A company called Agawi tested all the major Smartphones to see the time lapsed between when a user touches the screen to when the device responded to the touch.


They did this using a camera that captures 240 frames per second – super fast – alongside their own custom made device called a TouchMark.  Using this technology they were able to measure what they call a Minimum App Response Time, or MART.


The MART is how long it takes the device to respond, as above. The smaller the MART, the better the device’s screen response.






OK, ok. Geez.



Apple’s iPhone demonstrated a MART of 55 milliseconds. The next closest competitor was… the iPhone 4.



Samsung’s Galaxy S4 had a MART of 114ms. The Lumia 928 had a MART time of 117ms, the HTC One had a MART of 121ms and the Moto X came in so slowwwwly at 123ms.




Rohan Relan, the Agawi CEO, spoke to Venturebeat and had this to say about the results.


“App responsiveness is judged by how quickly the app can respond to your inputs, smartphones with touchscreens that have lower MART scores feel snappier. This is probably why, to many users, the iPhone keyboard feels more responsive than an Android phone keyboard.”



Agawi has not yet tested the iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S, but plans are in motion to do so. They also advised that further testing is necessary.



… But we’re pretty sure the initial testing sounds about right.







Images courtesy of  The Honolulu Advertiser & Macrumors