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iOS 6 Review

The iPhone 5 of course comes with the new operating system iOS 6, however you can and should upgrade your current model for free– and it’s been available since Sept 19 ( 100 million devices have so far been updated!).


Keep in mind that even though it’s available on all Apple models after and including the 3GS, only the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S can utilize all the features. And there’s 200 of them!


It will take time to find them all and Apple hasn’t even named them all, here are the best and most noticeable new features of iOS 6.


#Email has been upgraded in a few noticeably better and more efficient ways, incorporating a new VIP email inbox so that you don’t have to sift through crap that’s only kind of important to get to the juicy most important emails.

There is now the ability to insert numerous photos & videos in the body of an email instead of attaching them one at a time, and you can now have more than one signature, depending on if you’re sending an email to your boss or your crush ( *special signature for your crush actually not recommended).
To select or delete draft emails, just hold down the compose button.
The smallest but somehow best new feature with email is that instead of pressing the refresh email button to get new emails, you can now simply swipe down, you get a spinny wheel and voila new emails. It looks much better.


#Handling incoming calls has been improved ( although this feature has been around on driods for a while, it’s nice that Apple has caught up, and it’s a very useful feature). When someone calls, you now have the option to answer the call, put the call through to voicemail, or reject the call and reply to that person with an automated text message. There is also the option to reject and get the phone to remind you later that the person called.
Another call handling feature is Do Not Disturb– this feature, when turned on, prevents notifications, texts and calls from everyone except a select few that the user chooses. An unknown number calling more than once in a three minute period with be let through as well, allowing for possible legitimate emergencies.


# Shared photostreams, allows users to share photos with friends in realtime without messy attachments. The selected photos are uploaded to iCloud, available to friends and family right in their own photo app on their mac ( running mountain lion ) or their iphone ( if it’s running iOS 6) and if the friends aren’t on an apple device, the photos are available on their very own unique URL.


#If you’re worried about privacy, the new Advertising tracking feature is for you. The ability to turn off and stop marketers from targeting you with ads. Small but pretty powerful.


# iOS 6 comes with deeper facebook integration – you can now post photos straight from the camera, ask Siri to make a post for you, post location from maps, post scores from the game centre, and tap to post to twitter and fb from the notification centre. Facebook THIS!


# The much discussed Passbook app is a virtual wallet for keeping and more importantly easily accessing your boarding passes, coupons, loyalty cards, movie tickets and more, with tickets/boarding passes appearing on the lock screen when the event time approaches or you enter into the right location ( E.g. airport).
With NFC ( Near Field Communication ) rumored to be released for Apple devices after Christmas, this will mean that in the not too distant future payment processing applications will be available for this passbook as well.


#Siri is improved with this new operating system, with 7 new languages added to her repertoire, the ability to ask Siri to launch apps and to interact with maps and new knowledge for Siri with movie screening times and sports scores.


#You can now Facetime over any 3G or 4G cellular network as well as over wifi.


#Safari is a lot faster and now includes iCloud tabs which have the ability to sync open tabs between iOS6 and OS x Devices. Through the reworked sharing options menu you can also send an interesting article/picture etc via email, message, and facebook, as well as being able to print, copy, or add to bookmarks. A super nice new feature is the ability to add a website to an offline reading list for later perusal.
When viewing safari in landscape, there is now a ‘view in full screen’ button, on the bottom right.


#Updating apps no longer requires a password, and downloading a new app doesn’t close the app store. Newly downloaded but unopened apps get a fancy bright blue ‘new’ banner.


#The Find My Friends App has been updated, so that you can be notified once friends or family have left or arrived at a certain location.


#There is a bunch more emjoi icons.


#For the alarm you can now escape the godawful noise you’ve been putting up with and pick any song from your music to gently raise you from your sleep.


#Late night listening– A new EQ setting that lowers the jarring bass making the music less intrusive, allowing falling to sleep easier.


#8 more default wallpapers


#Bluetooth settings appear right at the front of the settings page.


So there you go, the best improvements that come with upgrading to the iOS 6 operating system.

There are a few features that you will lose when upgrading to iOS 6 – youtube for example, is absent from the update, but you can just go to the app store and download it for free.

The new operating system is definitely stacked full of small but ultimately more efficient improvements, making the user experience that much more fast, fun, and valuable.
Then there’s maps. Which… we’ll discuss… next time…

iPhone 5 review pt 2



The New iPhone 5 Features

Now that we’ve looked at the physical features of the iPhone 5, lets have a look at the real magic, the stuff that actually takes you where you want to be.


We’ll start with what is specific to the iPhone 5, then we’ll look at the what comes with the new operating system update- iOS 6.


Along with being larger, the iPhone 5 screen has the ability to be 18% brighter than the 4S.


It has built in wireless LTE technology that connects to faster networks so that you get much faster browsing, access to emails, etc. It also includes Wi-Fi N support which allows incredibly fast wireless connection to 5GHz networks, which means faster downloads, streaming and browsing when connected wirelessly AND gives you a better range for connecting to more wireless access points from greater distances.


This technology combined with the new processer in the 5 makes the device noticeably faster and more efficient, and according to Apple, twice as fast as the 4S. Snazzy.


The camera on the iPhone 5 is much improved, with better HDR, faster picture taking speeds and the ability to take panoramic photos of up to  240 degrees. You just watch, the next trip you go on- all your photos will end up panoramic. It’s kind of addictive.


The audio quality is significantly improved on the 5, with higher fidelity speakers that are not only louder but carry a much better sound quality. There are also three microphones on the 5, which help with noise cancellation and improve video sound quality.


Overall the iPhone 5 proves to be simply a better, faster, and more efficient user experience. Seemingly small changes have noticeably improved the phone greatly from previous models- and that’s before we even look at the improvements that come with the new iOS 6 operating system- over 200 new features– stay tuned!

The iPhone 5, Whatsup?



So now that we’re past the anticipation, the big event, the jubilation and by some accounts the disappointment, how is the iPhone 5 really doing? Is it better? As good as expected?


Articles leaking the new software and hardware features of the phone were building public anticipation right up until the announcement. Although most of those proved correct and worth the excitement, marking massive improvements to the 4s, there was some disappointment that there wasn’t a huge secret feature that Apple had managed to keep a secret.


Nevertheless, due to sly marketing or actual unexpected demand that led to limited supply, the iPhone 5 sold out in it’s presales in unprecedented time. Two million phones in about an hour starting at midnight September 14th twice the number of the presales for the 4s. In the three days following the actual release on Sept 21, Apple says they sold over 5 million more iPhones. AT&T are saying that it was the biggest iPhone launch by a long shot.


So, all pretty good.  There were, of course, those who said that the numbers were disappointing, that the device wasn’t worth any of the anticipation, etc, etc, those damn Samsung owners, so used to complaining they don’t know something to be happy about when they see it.


And here is what to be happy about: The new Features of the iPhone 5


Let’s look at the hardware first- after-all, first impressions only happen once right?


It looks great. Like, great. Still available in black and white, with the outside frame made completely from aluminium and glass. It’s pretty.


The iPhone 5 is 20% lighter than the 4s and by gosh you can feel it… It almost feels like a child’s toy in your hand, except much, much more serious. And sexy. A lot of the lightness has to do with the thinness of the device- 7.6 mm. Smooth all over. Fitting to the hand, no matter the hand.


The height has been increased to 4 inches, enabling the screen to contain more content- more icons, emails, calendar, and it makes watching movies a lot better. Awesomely, Apple have managed to keep retina display  effect- continuing the iPhone’s dominance in sharp high resolution screen display.


Apple kept the width of the iPhone the same as previous models, which has faced some contention, with people ( Even Steven Wozniak) stating that they believe it should have gone wider or stayed with the width and height. In saying that, the retained width and the increased height makes it seem not only a better device than the 4s but also remains the one-hand manageability.


Lastly, the iPhone jack has moved, making it more pocket friendly, and the dock shape has changed from a 30 pin dock to an 8 pin dock called lightening. Excellent news overall, somewhat dampened by the added expense and somewhat relative bother of buying and using adapters. But, there’s only one way forward, and in the pursuit of excellence, sometimes you gotta buy adaptors.


So, that’s the physical- see it, breathe it and touch it iPhone 5 features. Stay tuned for the software specs, a look at Apple’s Maps V Google Maps and how YOU can profit from buying the new iPhone 5. (This one’s important… just so you know…)

Pictures of the New iPhone 5

Here we go guys!  We have several new pictures to show you of the new iPhone.  They all appear to be from trusted sources, and it really looks like this is what we are going to end up seeing this September/October.  Not too many changes that haven’t been noted previously, but its still pretty nice to get a good look at what the finished product will end up looking like.  Here are the pics!



The New iPhone 5



The New iPhone 5


The New iPhone 5


The New iPhone 5

iPhone going to Mainland China? Maybe soon

Apple Inc. is in talks with China Mobile to take the next iPhone to mainland China, thanks to a next-gen Qualcomm chip in the iPhones compatible with China Mobile’s innate 3G technology.


Telecom Giant China Mobile to go Apple way! At last

iPhone going Chinese!

You may be thinking; what took China Mobile so long to bring in the iPhones? Well, the main problem for the World’s biggest telecom service provider is technical constraints of their indigenous 3G technology.

China Mobile which already boasts of the largest customer base in the world is in talks with Apple to bring in the iPhone to the Dragon country. According to latest news, Xi Guohua, Chairman China Mobile had confirmed to the shareholders that they are ‘actively cooperating’ with Apple Inc to make the collaboration possible. Though he declined to divulge further details, this can be looked upon as an effort to compete against the rivals—China Telecom and China Unicom who have already struck  deals with Apple earlier.

Reports further suggests that China Mobile is looking to venture to Hong Kong with 4G services—which could be the first instance China Mobile would be going outside mainland China.

China Mobile going International


Are we going to have another Chinese International Giant? Maybe , as China Mobile Chairman Xi made their intentions pretty clear in a recent interview. He confirmed that they have already for license to operate in United States and are hoping to have the clearances soon. The Chinese giant already having a customer base of 667 million is looking to try out with LTE mobile network with 850 BTS all over China by as early as June 2013.

Though only time can tell if iPhone gets into mainland; China Mobile is certainly having a great run at the Hang Seng Index—their stocks are already up by 13% compared to last year.

iphone 5 name still in the running.

There is still a chance that the new iPhone might be called ‘iPhone 5’.

Although this would be a great opportunity for them to change it up and to make the naming sequence more logical to it’s customers, Apple had earlier this month sought to gain ownership of the domain with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The case has now been settled without the assistance of WIPO, making us think that Apple paid enough coin to gain ownership. This may lead some to jump to conclusions, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the iPhone will be the ‘iPhone 5’, as they may just be trying to control sites so directly connected with their new baby… but it does make you think, which is great PR anyway you look at it.

iPhone latest features: ‘iWallet’ and LTE Connectivity

Apple have won the major ‘iWallet’ patent this March 6th, LTE connnectivity on the iPhone 5!


iPhone 5: Prepare for more

iWallet: Using NFC to control your accounts


On 6th March, Apple won the patent for an intelligent technology named the ‘iWallet.’ The best part of the technology is that it will empower you to simultaneously control all your iPhone subsidiary financial accounts. You can do all your credit card transactions through your iPhone itself, making use of an inbuilt Near Field Communication (NFC) chip. Not only that, you can keep yourself updated about the payments you are making– via the statements from iTunes billing systems. If you are worried about security issues, you need not be—the digital encryption confirms every transaction you are making to be safe and secure. As per reports, ‘iWallet’ will also have a ‘Parental Control’ option—to make use of the features in a restricted manner; much like a digital wallet.


LTE Connectivity in iPhone 5: A surety


Going by the positive feedback Apple received from the latest iPad, implementation of 4G LTE connectivity is almost a surety. Owing to LTE’s superior download and upload speeds over conventional 3G networks, Apple is certainly looking forward to integrate this onto the next iPhone 5, possibly a Qualcomm next generation chip. Perhaps when you are reading this article; Apple techs are busy working out ways to increase battery life in the future LTE iPhone 5.

Awesome Sneak Peaks of iPhone 5 (3D Images)

iPhone 5 in White

Today, we’ve got some really excellent models of the iPhone 5 that have been drawn up.  This is exactly how we imagine the iPhone 5 will look and given that several parts have been leaked, it seems like they match this quite well and it is highly likely the iPhone will be almost exactly the same as these models.

Looks pretty sharp in our opinion.  As you can see, the screen is just a tad longer, bringing the display to about 4″ with a full 16×9 view for movies.  Additionally, there is the new smaller dock port on the bottom, next to the headphone port which has been relocated from the top of the iPhone to the bottom.  Other than that it looks pretty similar to the last model of iPhone with the exception of the metal back as opposed to the previous glass backing (which tended to crack).

Overall, we’re pretty excited!

iPhone 5 in White
iPhone 5 in White
iPhone 5 in Black
iPhone 5 in Black
iPhone 5 in Black
Via 9to5Mac

Hands on with Leaked iPhone 5 Parts (Video)

iPhone 5 Parts Leaked

We got it!  A hands on Video of the iPhone 5 Frame!  The parts have been leaked and we are fairly confident that this is the actual iPhone 5 that will be released.  While This video does not contain the LCD screen, it is fairly easy to image how it would look.  Almost exactly the same as the iPhone 4/4S but with a slightly taller screen.  We have also heard word that the Front-facing camera will now be centered above the earpiece on the phone.


So to round up the details that are gone over in the video, it looks like we have a new, smaller dock connector, the headphone plugin has been moved to the bottom of the iPhone, the sim card tray is smaller, the iPhone is about half an inch taller, and it is made as one solid piece now (as opposed to the iPhone 4/4s which had two pieces for the midframe and back).


Pretty cool stuff we got here.  It is definitely going to be a clean looking phone, with a new, albeit slightly, form factor.


Check out the video below!



(Via ETrade Supple)


Why the next iPhone won’t be an iPhone 5

The Next iPhone Won't be Called an iPhone 5


The new iPhone that is having an anticipated release of either this summer or early fall won’t be called the iPhone 5.  Here’s why:


The iPhone has had some rather peculiar names in its past when you really think about it.  The very first iPhone was simply called an iPhone.  This makes sense as it was the first of its kind.  But here is where the confusion comes in.  The next year, Apple released the new iPhone, which included the 3G network.  Rightfully so, they labeled this iPhone, the iPhone 3G.


From that point on, the iPhone naming scheme got a bit more complicated.  For some reason, the first iPhone can be referred to as both a 1G and 2G iPhone.  One referring to the network before 3G (and calling it 2G) and the other referring to the 1st Generation of iPhone (1G).


Then to make matters more confusing, for Apple’s next release (their third iPhone), they simply added an S to the name, to make it an iPhone 3GS.  At this point, the naming scheme started to make sense again.  Their 3rd iPhone actually had a 3 in the name (albeit so did the previous 2nd generation iPhone, the 3G).


Then Apple came out with the iPhone 4 in June of 2010.  Their 4th iPhone, released with the quite simple name iPhone 4.  It seemed like the naming/numbering scheme with iPhones would all fall back into place with this generation, and it would be simple to refer to iPhone’s by their generational number.  The 4th iPhone could be referred to as the 4G, and so on.


Everyone assumed that the 5th generation of iPhone would be called the iPhone 5.  But…  It wasn’t.  It was called the iPhone 4S.  So the 5th generation iPhone is called 4S.  Seems a bit confusing, but thats the way it is.


This next iPhone, however, won’t be called the iPhone 5.  It would be a mistake on Apple’s marketing to do such a failure of a name.  Why would you name the 6th iPhone, iPhone 5?!  Especially when they had the lead-up setup from the 2nd iPhone to skip a generation (since the iPhone 3G was actually the 2nd generation).


I predict that the new iPhone will be called something new.  There is potential that it will be called the iPhone 6, but given that there was no distinct “iPhone 5” released, I anticipate they will choose a new name, something likely without reliance on the numbering system.  A new name for the iPhone could come with something like iPhone X, although it is unlikely that Apple would choose that name given that Droid has already used it for their hardware.  iPhone Z?  Maybe they will go back to the basics, and call it something simple “The iPhone” or “The New iPhone”.  iPhone Air?   iPhone Mini?  iPhoneHD?  iPhone Chrome?


I guess well just have to wait and find out!