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Deal of the day



Listen up kids! One most excellent deal of the day, brought to you by AT&T.


Online only, for a limited time and with waived activation, you can now get a new phone on a 2 year contract for HALF the price at AT&T. That’s  a HALF price discount. Divided by two, people.


Here’s how you get it:


Step 1. Choose a smartphone priced between $0.99 and $199.99 ( we’d say go for the iPhone 5. Wait, was that obvious?…).

Step 2. Magic! ( also…choosing an appropriate plan and stuff)

Step 3. You get a 50% discount automatically applied to the phone in your shopping cart.



So, iPhone Antidote, can you give me an example?


We sure can guys! This means that you can get a 16gb iPhone 5 for only $100! That’s RAD!



You wanna know what else would be rad?  I got a couple more steps for you…


1. Buy shiny new iPhone online using 50% discount. Laugh maniacally.

2. Send us your old stinky iPhone. Laugh maniacally.

3. We give you a bunch of cash for stinky old iPhone, and hey, that new phone cost you next to nothing! LAUGH MANIACALLY.


This deal is only available online and for a limited time so get your butts into gear! As always, terms and conditions apply, check out the deal here:




Image courtesy of Forbes.



Know someone who broke their phone this weekend?

So, three day weekend, huh? Did everyone have a good time? Yeah? Party? Yeah?


Well here’s a story from our weekend for you.


One of iPhone Antidote’s friends was having a really good time, a couple of kegs were involved, a flip was attempted, and, as you do, the dude tried to take a video of said flip. On his iPhone 5. Whilst he was doing a drunken flip.


Needless to say, it was hilarious. Also; now he has an iPhone that looks like this:




Good thing he’s friends’ with iPhone Antidote, cos he just sold that stinky broken phone to us, and now he has this instead:


And that bag holds exactly $325 cash! Happy friend.


Do you guys know of anyone who may have committed a similar party foul this weekend? Let them know that they can be a friend of iPhone Antidote too!


We’ll make it allll better. With money of course! And… maybe a video of a dude trying to do a flip. Trust us, it is really hilarious.





Go on, design an app. I dare you.

Design an iPhone App!


A few years ago, if you wanted to skip the 9-5 rat race, sick of working your way up the ranks of middle management, always being at someone else’s ( your boss’s) mercy, you had the chance, if you had the balls and the smarts, to start your own business. It was very, very hard work, and extremely risky. Geniuses very rarely start their own businesses because they understand the risks involved. Both financial and emotional.


A lot of people who wanted to, never took the plunge, and a lot of people did, with one great idea. And they lost.
With the introduction of the iPhone however, under the guidance of Steve Jobs’ own creative smarts, we were introduced into a whole new business world. Apps. The first time in a long time a whole new and increasingly lucrative business market opened up.


You could take an idea, and you could run. Anyone can do it. Make millions. Think of the apps you use the most, or the ones you like the most- Instagram, Draw Something, Words with Friends, Angry Birds. Simple ideas. Some of them are not even executed very well but they made millions.


Here’s the thing- If you want to be your own boss now, you can design an app. Scratch that. DESIGN AN APP. Brainstorm with your friends. Think of anything and everything that someone could have use for or do for fun on their iPhone. Have an iPhone app designing night, hell, make it a drinking game. Just give it a try. You could make millions. There are companies out there that will give you a lot of money for a good idea, if not buy your app outright.


But…. but I don’t know how to do computer… stuff? I hear you say.
Well, hire someone dummy. Use one of the many freelancing websites out there (,, etc) .  Spend a small amount ( upwards of $300 depending on the idea) and people will do it for you. All you need is one great idea, a little bit of start up money, a little faith, and no guts at all. Easy, peasy. ( note, nine out of the top ten best selling apps of all time are games. Just so you know.)


iPhones, making millionaires out of anyone with a spark.

Want $10? Tell Your Friends about iPhone Antidote

Make Money Referring People to iPhone Antidote


Need a little bit of extra cash?  Start telling your friends about iPhone Antidote.  Here at if you send a friend to our website and they place an order, we will give YOU $10!


We buy any type of iPhone, in any condition, so as long as you have a friend that once owned an iPhone, you have a friend that could use our services.  We pay much more than the competition (sometimes two times as much!) and we are VeriSign and Better Business Bureau Accredited.  What’s even better is that our quotes are guaranteed!  So you don’t need to worry about sending your iPhone in, and then having us say that it’s really not worth as much as we previously quoted you.  We will pay you what we quoted, every time!


When your friend sends in their iPhone, just make sure they include your name and address, or even just your PayPal email address.  That’s it!  If your friend only includes your name, that is okay too!  We will just issue a check to your name, sent to his address (provided they did not include your address).  And when we receive the iPhone, we will pay you $10 for the referral and your friend his quote for his iPhone!  With payouts up to $500, iPhone Antidote is the obvious choice!


Now, how might you find some of your friends with old iPhone’s?  It’s simple!


1) Share our website on FaceBook (Don’t forget to tell them to include your name!)

2)Share our website on Twitter

3)Let your friends know in person when you see them

4)Ask your friends if they know anyone with an old or broken iPhone

5)Break people’s iPhone’s, and then ask them if they’d like to sell it

6)Wait at party’s to see if anyone has a broken iPhone (people at partys tend to.. uh.. drink a little bit… and tend to.. uh.. break their phones).

7)Create your own website that sends referrals to ours

8 )Walk down the street yelling “Sell Your iPhone with iPhone Antidote! I’ll give you $5 extra!” (and split the profits of $10)

9)Look for sad people, and ask them if they have a broken iPhone (and then make their day by telling them our ridiculously high payouts!)

10) Hang out at Best Buy or the AT&T store and wait for people that look like they are going to upgrade their iPhone’s


And we’re sure there are a ton of other ways to earn that $10 too!  The great thing is, we will keep on paying you no matter how many people you refer!  The possibilities are endless.  Get 10 people and we’ll pay you $100!  Why stop there?!  Get 100 people and we’ll pay you $1000!!