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State by State Comparison of Broken iPhones

Here we go again.  We have gathered all of our iPhone buyback data (from the best way to sell your iphone, obviously), and we have created a heat map breakdown.


This map shows the percentage of broken iPhones that were sold using our buyback service.  Red states show that we purchased a higher percentage of broken iPhones from that state.  Green areas show that we purchased a higher percentage of used iPhones from that state.


State by State Broken iPhone Buyback Comparison


Hopefully your state isn’t one of the dark red ones (sorry West Virginia and Kansas).  The data tends to show that our customers that are tend to be in the country (Kansas, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho) tend to break their iPhones more often.  While the Southern states tend to be quite good at taking care of their iPhones (as they tend to mostly sell their used iPhones instead of broken ones).


So maybe if your like us, and you happen to have broken your iPhone once or twice (or maybe more), then you should consider moving down to the South.  Otherwise, well, maybe its easier just to use our buyback service to sell your iPhone (don’t worry, we still pay a ton even if your iPhone is broken!)



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Know someone who broke their phone this weekend?

So, three day weekend, huh? Did everyone have a good time? Yeah? Party? Yeah?


Well here’s a story from our weekend for you.


One of iPhone Antidote’s friends was having a really good time, a couple of kegs were involved, a flip was attempted, and, as you do, the dude tried to take a video of said flip. On his iPhone 5. Whilst he was doing a drunken flip.


Needless to say, it was hilarious. Also; now he has an iPhone that looks like this:




Good thing he’s friends’ with iPhone Antidote, cos he just sold that stinky broken phone to us, and now he has this instead:


And that bag holds exactly $325 cash! Happy friend.


Do you guys know of anyone who may have committed a similar party foul this weekend? Let them know that they can be a friend of iPhone Antidote too!


We’ll make it allll better. With money of course! And… maybe a video of a dude trying to do a flip. Trust us, it is really hilarious.





5. Updates and the future of the Google Search Engine.


Today, Google previewed what they are building in terms of the future of their search engine. As they correctly observe, people don’t communicate or gain knowledge based on key words. A lot of the time, its based on spoken, flowing, sentence based communication.


So this is what they’re working on. They see us in the future, asking (aloud) our computer/tablet/mobile/shoephone questions such as, “What is the weather like in San Francisco?”


Alongside the spoken and correct answer they see the search engine already creating answers to follow up questions, like the weather in other places nearby, how long it would take to drive to San Francisco, traffic conditions, event information etc.


Google is also building their ‘Knowledge Graph’ which as of today means that answers to your searches on Google will drastically improve if you speak Polish, Turkish, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese.


Your searches will also include more in-depth answers to questions.


Their example- ” What is the population of Canada?”


This search, as of today, will not only be answered by a number, but the history of Canada’s population growth and the ability to compare populations with other countries.


More information in the world, more knowledge in the world, can only be a good thing. Happy searching!


…Except for us. iPhone Antidote might just have Googled ourselves out for the day. We’ve been Googlified.  Now where are those shots?



1. Google Hangouts (Integrated, multi- platform video & chat product)


2. Google Maps update and iPad App


3. Google Play Music All Access


4. Google Play Game Services


5. Updates and the future of the Google search engine.





Photo courtesy of Moxieinteractive.

How to Restore Your iPhone From a Backup

There are  a few cases in which being able to restore your iPhone can be a valuable thing to know. Take for example, if your iPhone was stolen, or you accidentally deleted a funny video off of your iPhone, or maybe you even accidentally erased the whole iPhone!  Either way,  it is pretty easy to restore your iPhone to its previous state provided that you made a backup (to learn how to create a backup see here).

Restore Your iPhone from a Backup


The First thing you’ll need to do is to plug your iPhone into the computer with your backup on it and turn on iTunes.


Secondly, in iTunes, under devices, find your iPhone.


Right click on this iPhone and click “Restore from Backup”.


Select the proper backup from the selection of previous backups and click ok.


iTunes will go through and restore your iPhone so that it is the exact state of your old iPhone.




How to Replace Your Cracked iPhone 4 Back Glass

So you broke the back on your iPhone 4?  That is a bummer.  But don’t fret, it is not really as bad as it may seem.


With a couple of steps you can make your iPhone 4 or 4S look just like new again.


1) Go to and search iPhone 4 (or 4S) Back Glass.  You should be able to find them for around $15-20.  Make sure it includes screwdrivers.

2) Once you receive your new iPhone 4 Back Glass, go ahead and take the old glass off of your phone and swap to the new glass as shown below.

3) Now your iPhone looks just like new!



Repair Steps


a) Unscrew the two screws at the bottom of your iPhone using the screwdriver that was included with your iPhone Back Glass (as shown below)

Fix Your iPhone Back Glass

b) Slide the back of the iPhone glass up towards the top of the iPhone, which will release the back off of the iPhone.

c) Place your new iPhone glass against the back of the iPhone where the old glass was located and slide it back down to lock it in place.

d) Using the screws you previously unscrewed, screw the new back glass back into place




The iPhone Antidote – Now We Buy All Types of iPhones

Sell Your Old iPhone to the iPhone Antidote!


Up until recently, here at the iPhone Antidote we only purchased the iPhone 4.  Now we are excited to announce that we purchase all types of iPhones in ANY condition!  That means that no matter what kind of iPhone you have, we are willing to buy it!  It does not matter if it is used, broken, or even water damaged.  Heck, your iPhone 4 could be sitting in water right now and we would still be willing to pay $150 for it!


We have discussed earlier why it makes sense to upgrade your phone as soon as possible here (sometimes you can actually make money)!  So why not do it today?


Come give our site a look, and check out our newly updated quote section under the “Let’s Start” heading at the top of the page.


1)      Simply select the model of your iPhone and an instant quote will show up!

2)      Click “Let’s Do It!” located just under the quote, and fill in your shipping information.

3)      Click submit and a prepaid USPS Priority Mail PDF Label will download.

4)      Send your iPhone in using this label.  The label will work for any type of packaging, and works from anywhere in the United States.  Don’t worry about sending in the box or accessories, you can keep those if you would like.

5)      In just a couple of days you will be paid via check or paypal (your preference)!


With payouts up to $400, sell your old iPhone today!