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Are you guys as obsessed with the weather as we are? It makes for killer socially awkward conversation filler! You also start to care about it waaaay more the older you get, are we right oldies?


In iOS 7, the Weather app will show your basic info for your chosen cities. DUH.


Here’s what a lot of people don’t know. Tap on the big temp number for each city, and you’ll get a breakdown showing humidity, the chance of rain, wind speed, and what the temperature actually feels like.


So much good weather stuff.





Umm. So, How ’bout this rain, huh?


Oh Wait, we actually had something real to say. Just a heads up- there is no native weather App on the iPad for iOS 7 & it’s really frustrating when you’re sure that there is.






Images courtesy of iPhonehacks & Mememage.

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