The first guy to break his 5S

We just received our first iPhone 5S!  And it was, drumroll please:








Even though the guy at first was like:



We gave him $$$ CASHMONEY and turned that frown upside down!



Apparently, our lovely 5S customer was using his brand new shiny iPhone 5S in a crowded area, someone came running by and hit him in the shoulder and the shiny 5S went flying ever so prettily before smacking itself onto concrete. And there you have it- a cracked screen.


In his own words, just a bit of bad luck.


But good luck that he had heard of iPhone Antidote! Yay!



If you have an unlucky cracked or broken iPhone, or a stinky old used iPhone, go to iPhone Antidote right now!


We’ll give you CASHMONEY for those unlucky, stinky old iPhones and turn you from grumpy cat into happy, baller cat in one of the easiest, stress free transactions you’ll ever experience!




Images courtesy of Phonearena, Geeknation, Lol-cat & Pandawhale

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