There’s another Steve Jobs biopic coming out




Seen the first Steve Jobs movie? Ready for another one?


Um… sure?



Sure! But don’t worry too much, this one hasn’t even started filming yet so it’s quite a ways off, but you should probably be ready for people to start talking about it.


This new one promises to be different from the last one with famed wordsmith Aaron Sorkin ( West Wing and The Social Network) having just submitted the completed the script.


The script is based on Walter Isaacson’s biography and Sony is in charge of this one, hence it is purported to have a significantly larger budget then the Ashton Kutcher starring ‘Jobs’.

Sorkin has already revealed to the press in 2012 that he planned on having the movie take place across 3 30-minute scenes, all focusing on important Apple product releases. It is not known if that is still the case.


We liked Jobs, but being fans of Alan Sorkin’s script structure and sympathetic yet flawed characters, we’re quietly excited about this one.




Images courtesy of Hollywoodreporter & Twicsy.

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