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iPhone: FaceTime Tricks and tips

Facetime is a nice feature of the iPhone 4 and perhaps all of us are quite fond of it. Well, here are some little tricks for you to get the most out of Facetime chat.


Facetime: Video Calls now with more fun

FaceTime Tricks: Spicing up your Video Calling

FaceTime has been quite popular among iPhone users for its free and high-quality iPhone –to-iPhone video calls. Though there’s the catch that you need to have good signal strength in a Wi-Fi zone to prevent call dropping, Facetime had been quite popular.

So, we thought of sharing some tricks with you that can spice it up further.

The default mode of FaceTime screen in portrait, now just try by rotating the phone by 90 degrees—you can have your image turned into landscape mode. The one you are calling will see your image turning suddenly. Nice, isn’t it? J Well, by rotating the receiver set in the same way, he or she can get it back right obviously.

Here’s another funny aspect for you. You can even show your family or friends on FaceTime what you are actually seeing at that time. Got confused? Well, we are talking about the camera-switch option from your FaceTime. While on FaceTime chat you can tap on the Camera-Rotation icon from your screen, switching from the default front to the rear camera. With the rear camera in action, even the person you are calling can see what you are seeing in front of you.

You can also do a quick bit of stuff just by changing to another program or even simply tapping the Home button. Well, while the audio contact remains on, the video screen goes black and you can do a bit of work before going back to the call. In the meantime a Green banner would pop-up and stay on the top of the Home Screen to remind you of the ongoing Call.

iPhone tips: It’s not only for ‘dummies’

We have already discussed some tips to maximize your iPhone’s usage, now we are back again with some more.


iPhone abruptly hang-ups? Just try out rebooting

iPhone: More, more and more

One of my friends was complaining the other day—his iPhone ‘hangs-up’ and he just not could not get it working. What would you have done? Well, the better way is to try the On/Off button or  by pressing down your Home button for more than six seconds. From my experience, I can say it works on 99% cases—it ‘quits’ any locked up application on your iPhone.

Now if your problem still persists, keep your On/Off and Home button pressed for around 10 seconds. This would reboot the iPhone and you can view the Apple logo which the iPhone is booting up.

Now sync iPhone Notes with MAC: Notes on the go

Truly speaking this is a stumbling block in iPhone’s ‘Notes’ – you can’t synchronize the Notes you have in your iPhone with those on your Mac. But we have figured a way around syncing your notes.  You can create a pseudo-contact and copy-paste the important notes in the ‘notes’ field of that fake contact. So, what you have is a pseudo-contact added to your Address Book with all your important notes and hence moving on the go.

iPhone: Alternative calling from Safari and more

Rather than scrolling down to a contact number and dialing—you can even call from your Safari. It’s simple—you need to find the phone number in Safari and just tap it—and bingo; iPhone will call up in no time.

Also, you can now time-up when to receive your voicemails. When you are not using a Bluetooth headset (that routes the calls instantaneously when plugged in)—you can use the Audio button of the Voicemail screen to time-up the messages. This enables you to hear those messages only when you desire.