Progress on the campaign against the ban on unlocking phones


Some good news today-


The ‘We the People’ protest campaign against the banning of unlocking phones has been somewhat successful, in that it has garnered the amount of signatures required in order to receive an official response from the Whitehouse. The response, as with all official responses to ‘We The People’ campaigns will come in a ‘timely fashion’, so until then, we wait.


Or do we? Even better than the recognition  and hope that comes with an official response – the campaign has caught the attention of the Chairman of the FCC- the Federal Communications Commission.


Although the Chairman, Julius Genachowski, is not wholly aware of what authority he has in the matter, he is very concerned that the ban ‘ raises competition concerns, raises innovation concerns’ and will be looking into reversing the ban if possible.


This is an ongoing issue that we will keep you up to date on!!