Cards against Humanity Black friday!

How was your Black Friday? Did you get lots of amazing deals? Hella good bargains? Yeah? Did you give a company $5 for nothing in return?


You may scoff at that last sentence, but this is what some people actually did on Black Friday. Lots and lots of people gave the board game company Cards Against Humanity $5. For nothing in return.


black friday



See?  You’ll notice if you look carefully the box that you must tick saying that you understand that you are paying Cards Against Humanity $5 and receiving nothing in return…



They also note this in the FAQ:


If I give you $5, what are you going to do with the money?


That’s for us to know and you to find out. We’ll make the announcement soon.


Why would anyone just give you $5?


Because the greatest Black Friday gift of all is buying nothing. We’re offering that for the rock-bottom price of $5. How can you afford NOT to seize this incredible opportunity?


Since the end of Black Friday, the company has revealed that more than $70,000 was given by eager customers, and that although they are known to be a super charitable company, the money has gone here:


There’s been a lot of speculation about how we would spend the money from Black Friday, and we’re happy to announce that this time, we kept it all. Here’s what we bought.

– Max, Ben, Josh, Eli, David, Daniel, and David