Future Tech of the week! Mighty streaming music

Mighty is the first and only device that lets you stream music without being connected to a smartphone.





Yup. You get music streaming, and you don’t have to carry your phone. Hello runners, walkers, general-exercising-and-traveling people? This is for you.


It’s a lightweight device that you can clip onto your clothing that has bluetooth and WiFi that can play 48 hours of music without any internet connection.


Sound good? How about if we tell you that it’s only $79.


Really good? Yup.






The first version of Mighty is aiming to integrate with Spotify initially with other streaming music services added later. 2,951 backers pledged $300,101 to help bring this project to life on Kickstarter, and you can pre-order now!





Japanese emoticons are all the rage now

How do you make your texts that one step up to being above uber cool? JAPANESE EMOTICONS. It’s the thing right now. We think.


@(・●・)@ to *\(^o^)/*.


Open Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Keyboard > Japanese >Kana.



Go for it! Just be careful if you’re sending texts to someone who actually reads Kana, cos you know, who knows what you might be saying.