Apple releases iOS 10 Public Beta!

You wanna play??


Apple today released iOS 10 Beta to the Public. That means YOU, guy. You’re the public!


If you want to play around with iOS 10, there are some things you should know. If you’re a casual iPhone user, not many people would recommend getting the Beta. The reason for this is that, being a beta, there’s going to be a lot of bugs, and it’s going to take up a lot of your phone’s battery life.


The iOS 10 bugs that have been reported affect the following apps and features:  CarPlay, Notification Center, Messages, Music, Control Center,and, well,  general system functionality. That’s kind of a big one, guys.



Most people would say – if you’re really interested, go for it! And so do we! But! Maybe try it on that other iPhone you have sitting in a draw, then, sell it to us for cash once you’re done! (We buy used iPhones for cash… just in case you didn’t know…) 


Also something of note –  new iMessage features cannot be used in conversations unless the recipient is also running iOS 10, and third-party extensions for Apple Maps are also unavailable since they cannot be released on the App Store right now.


Will you play around with iOS 10 now, or wait for the polished version?