New Apple Ads highlight Group Facetime and The Holidays

Apple has recently released a couple of new Ads, one celebrating the holiday season and one celebrating the joys of it’s new Group Facetime feature. As usual for Apple, both may make you feel all the feels. Enjoy!!









We’re not crying – YOU’RE CRYING




Google Fi now available on iPhone and iPad

Google just announced that their Project Fi smartphone plan will now be available on iPhone and iPad, having previously only being available on Android devices. The service will now also be called Google Fi instead.


Interested? Here’s the deal:


You pay $20 for unlimited talk and text, and $10 for each GB of data used up to 6GB. Once you reach 6GB, data becomes free, but at 15GB, data speeds slow down. The monthly fee caps out at $80, not including taxes and fees. To add another person to the plan, it’ll cost you an additional $15 per person.


On the iPhone, LTE data speeds, unlimited texts, and unlimited calls are included, and there are no roaming fees in more than 170 countries.


Sounds very sweet, right? BUT… there’s a couple of downsides you should be aware of.


iMessage works normally, except sending texts to non-iPhones requires configuring some settings, and the visual voicemail feature in iOS won’t be available, instead being available as text messages, and you’ll need to call to check them. Google Fi’s network switching feature and VPN also do not work on iOS.


Google Fi operates as an MNVO, (mobile virtual network operator), so its coverage comes from carriers like T-Mobile, US Cellular, and Sprint. Google devices are able to take advantage of network switching for better coverage, but this does not work on iOS. Instead, these devices will use T-Mobile’s network for calls, texts, and data, but international roaming is still available.


Calls or texts cannot be made over WiFi with Google Fi, and when outside of the U.S., the data hotspot feature won’t work.


Google Fi will work on the iPhone 5s and later, on iPhones running iOS 11 or higher. If the sweet upsides mean more to you than the couple of downsides, check it out more here.