Deal of the Day!

Amazon has a special right now on Prynt, an Instant Photo Printer case, for $60 rather than the normal price of $100. The case will fit an iPhone 6, 6S and 7, as the other sizes are currently unavailable.


The case lets you turn your phone into an instant camera so you can print photos from your phone in seconds directly onto ZINK (zero ink) Sticker Paper.


Get it! 


What will 2021 bring?

Yes, we know that we have some new iPhones to look forward in the very near future, but why not look waaaay further ahead to next year? What’s next after the thing that’s next, right?


Well, apparently there are predictions that we can look waaay forward to an iPhone equipped with both Face ID and an on-display fingerprint sensor in 2021.



The idea is that to enhance security,  Face ID and FOD (Fingerprint on display) technologies are not competitive, but rather complementary.


And line of sight transportation? Still coming? Apple? Yeah? Please?