Another Apple & Facebook job perk!



We all know tech companies offer really, really cool perks if you’re lucky enough to find yourself employed by them. From chef-cooked meals, to gym’s, hairdressers, cool cool & cool,  we can now add egg-freezing to the list.


You read me correctly, and no, we’re not talking eggs of the chicken kind. (Side-note – iPhone Antidote are the new proud owners of a chicken named Egg and she’s awesome!)


We’re talking human eggs. The kind that usually live inside women, but sometimes, things get hectic, and then eggs get old and stuff can sometimes get kinda sad.


Tech companies don’t like sad people! So both Facebook and Apple are now offering to pay for the procedure for their employees to freeze their unfertilized eggs for later use. This is actually super expensive, from $10,000 to $15,000 per round plus $500 a year for storage — and not usually covered by insurance, so the offer is definitely a legit awesome one with both companies paying up to $20,000.

There has been some criticism of the offer, with some believing that this is another way the tech companies can have more control over your whole life, not just your working life, and get you to work harder for longer. But Silicon Valleyer’s are big grown up people, right? We think it’s probably better to have the option to make that decision than not to, even if you do have doubts about the intent behind it.


We think it’s just one more amazing perk they’re using to attract and retain employees. Happy egg freezing Silicon Valley’ers!






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