Apple Special Media Event Part 3 – Apple Watch




A lot of what we heard today about the Apple watch was just a reiteration of what we’ve heard since the product was announced last year, a practice in upping the anticipation for it’s imminent release. How it’s the most personal Apple product ever, the tech that will become integral in your day to day life, from improving your health to being a full on iPhone impersonator sitting pretty on your wrist.


You will be able to use it for phone calls, look at your photos, use Siri, get and reply to notifications, emails, social media, track your health data, play music, make calendar appointments, use Apple Pay, get an Uber, unlock your hotel room at SPG hotels, open your garage door, etc. All very exciting things. That we already kind of knew. Nice to get a reminder, though, right?


So what new information did we get?


We learnt that Christy Turlington Burns is basically superwoman, and that’s why she was chosen to test out the Apple Watch in a half marathon in Africa, and a full marathon coming up in London. She loved the Apple Watch ( uh, d’uh) and she spoke about the Charity she founded,  ‘Every Mother Counts’,  which aims to improve maternal Health and prevent childbirth and pregnancy related fatalities around the world.


You should definitely check it out. 





Back to the watch! It will have… drum roll please… 18 hours battery life! Yay! Pretty good, Apple, pretty good.


The Apple Watch will come in three collections. Apple Watch sport,  the Stainless Steel Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Edition.






Apple Watch Sport is crafted from Aluminum and will cost you $349 clams for the 38mm model, and $399 clams for the 42mm model.


The Stainless Steel Apple Watch will start at $549 and top out at $1099, depending on the band and buckle combination you choose.


The Apple Watch Edition is crafted out of 18 Karat solid yellow or rose gold and will start at $10,000 and top out at $17,000. Yowza. This model is also limited. Because that’s how you know you’re fancy, if not very many other people have the same fancy thing.


Bands will retail for between $49 and $449, with additional magnetic chargers costing $29 for a 1-meter cable and $39 for a 2-meter cable. A new bands and accessories page on the Apple Online Store lists all of the available add-ons for Apple Watch.


Pre-order starts on April 10th, and you can also go into an Apple Store from that day to try it out. The Watch will be officially released on April 24th, in United States, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan and United Kingdom. Apple Watch will be available for purchase by reservation at Apple Stores, online and at select authorized resellers in China and Japan. 



And that’s a wrap! What an exciting morning. We’re ready for a nap.





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