Big news for T-Mobile!


T-Mobile, the fourth biggest mobile phone carrier, will soon be selling Apple products and as part of it’s new ‘Uncarrier’ model, will soon be the only carrier in the US to not offer contracts.


This means that T-mobile will be scrapping the device subsidy 2 year contract deal that all the other carriers offer and as an existing customer you can come off your contract as it expires, or even apparently end your contract without being subjected to early termination fees.


As a new customer you have the option to buy your chosen device ( iPhone of course ) out right or use an installment plan, essentially separating the cost of the device from the cost of a plan.


Whilst we here at iPhone Antidote believe this is excellent news, and a great way for T-Mobile to distinguish itself from the other carriers, we are also thinking about the possible effect this move might have on the future of phone Carriers in the US.


Other countries have both on and off contract plans available and it has often times driven the competition within the phone industry to previously unseen levels. It also gives customers more freedom of choice and of what exactly they are paying for.


Will T-mobiles unprecedented move into no contracts be the beginning of a new chapter within the US phone carrier market? Time will tell, and until then, yay for another carrier selling Apple!