Christmas Apps!


Hey Guess what? It’s Christmas!! Whether you’ve been dreading it or shave been dying to be amongst the tinsel, trees, gifts and all things Rudolph, we have some iPhone apps to help you out this festive season! See below for the best useful, fun, silly and magical Christmas apps.


Cards from Apple. Everyone likes Christmas cards! Create custom Christmas cards with their pre-built templates and photos from your iPhone, and address them using the contacts in your address. (Free) If you, like most I imagine, haven’t prepared your gift purchases in advance, or you just like getting your Christmas shopping done in one sitting without the crowds, the obvious answer is Amazon. Cheap, quick, and easy. December 19th is the last day to buy presents delivered before Christmas.


Christmas Countdown Recipe’s
With almost 210 easy but impressive Christmas related recipe’s available, a easy to use shopping list, nutrition tips, photos of each dish and the ability to share through social media, this is the go to Christmas recipe app. Free.


Sleeps to Christmas.  Simple but exciting for the kids and the young at heart. A countdown to the second for Christmas day with some Christmas animations and songs to accompany. Free.


Sing Along Christmas Carols
Christmas Carol karaoke anyone? For family, party or bar-time fun. Everyone likes a Christmas carol! Free


Trade Nations: North Pole
Create a Santa’s workshop to make presents, complete with elves as cobblers, wood carvers and present wrappers. A really nice way to pass the time and keep in the spirit. Even better -if players fill the present meter and create enough presents to reach their goal, the creators will donate $15000 to Child’s Play, a charity that improves lives of children in hospitals throughout the world. Free


Elf yourself is a classic, bound to make all ages laugh. Take a photo or use one from your phone’s photo album, the app puts your face onto an elf, and makes it dance to silly Christmas songs. Free ( more songs available for a fee).


Gangnam Santa Booth
Similar to Elf Yourself , and very silly for the silly season- Do just as above, instead your face goes into a Christmas themed Gangnam style dancer.


Christmas!! This all-encompassing app has everything you might need for the season- present lists, games, wallpapers, advent calendar with secrets you can unlock each day, a small selection of Christmas songs and a countdown. For the Christmas spirited. Free.


Talking Santa
A great app for the kids who can talk with Santa and have him repeat what they say. There is a really nice option to make videos of Santa saying a special Christmas message and send it via email, text or facebook, or just replay it for the kids on Christmas eve/day as a special surprise. Free.


Happy Holidays! May Santa get you all the iPhones you wanted- and don’t forget to send us your stinky old one’s in the New Year!!