Do you still have a 4-inch iPhone? You’re not alone!

Some data was just released by a mobile analytics company called Mixpanel that show that about 32.22% of active iPhone users have a 4-inch screen. For those of you playing at home, that’s an iPhone 5, 5c and 5s, as well as the rumored 5se – a new 4-inch iPhone that is said to be released in March this year.


By the way – iPhone 5se? Like Fivesy? Isn’t that a bit too cute? Or is it exactly cute enough….


According to the data, the iPhone 5S represents 20% of current active iPhones, the iPhone 5 is at 7.53% and the iPhone 5C sits pretty and plastic at 5.66%.


Are you still using a 4-inch screen? Do you want to be? A lot of people love the size  and usability of the 4-inch, but as the last few iPhone updates were bigger, those people are left using 2 year old technology, even if it is on a perfect sized screen for them. That’s why the iPhone Fivesy. (5se) Coming in at a purported $500, this little guy has a lot of people considering the upgrade.


Will you be upgrading from your 4-inch screen to the Fivesy? Or will you make the leap to the iPhone 7 at the end of the year?


Either way, when you decide to upgrade, make it a little easier and sell your stink old iPhone to us!




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