Everyone Can Code revamped!

Apple has overhauled its ‘Everyone Can Code’ curriculum to bring it to more elementary and middle school students, with more resources for teachers, a new guide for students, and updated Swift Coding Club materials.


Everyone can code is centered around interactive puzzles and activities to make coding more approachable and connected to students’ every day lives. It’s currently used ( according to Apple) by millions of students in more than 5,000 schools worldwide.


Here’s the great part – from December 1 to December 15, Apple is offering free ‘Today at Apple’ coding sessions in Apple Stores, teaching attendees to write their first lines of code, in order to celebrate Computer Science Education Week.


Some Apple retail stores will also have special sessions designed for coders of all ages, including preschool-age kids, who will be able to learn pre-coding activities through the Coding Lab with one of the Apple TV+ shows – “Helpsters,”


Learn more about ‘Everyone Can Code’ here! 



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