Get an iPhone 5 through AT&T for $100 Without an Upgrade!

Not eligible for an upgrade but still want to cash in on AT&T’s latest 50% off deal?!  No Problem!

Don’t Make it so You Have to Sell Your iPhone for Cash to Pay Your Bill!

So you saw our last post about how AT&T is running this incredible promotion where they are offering half off on their phones that are priced between $0 and $199.99, but you realized that you already upgraded your iPhone last year, right?  No problem at all!


As it turns out, AT&T is actually offering this promotion even to people that are not eligible for an upgrade!  That means if you upgraded earlier this year, or last year, you would actually still be able to take part of this deal!  When we tested it, our checkout priced at $136 + Tax for a brand new iPhone 5, pretty good deal if you ask us (especially since we buy iPhone 5’s for $350)!


Pretty easy way to make a few extra bucks cash (lets see,  $350-$136 is $214 profit!)  All just for extending your contract to two years from today, for a bunch of people, this might only be adding an extra 6 months or so to your contract!


Awesome deal!