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How do you guys feel about free cell phone service? Do you feel good about it? Yeah? Read on fools!


Ringplus has an eggzellent deal on right now – pay $12 upfront, buy a special SIM card (unless you have a Sprint cell phone) and you get a no-contract cell phone service that allows you 1200 real cellular minutes, 1200 texts, and 1200 MB of LTE data per month, plus tethering.


For free. All of it. Free!


It’s called the Leonardo 3 Free plan and there’s a couple of very, very minor catches. Numero uno – when you call someone, instead of hearing the dial-tone, you’ll hear ads. Let some wheelers and dealers bend your ear for however long it takes you friend to pick up.


Before you sign up, you’ll also need to take a short survey and link your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account. If you don’t currently have one of those, you can add it within 3 weeks after sign up.


As we said, you’ll need a special SIM unless you already have a Sprint cell phone.


You can buy a SIM from RingPlus here for $15. According to reports, you can also go into an Apple store and ask for a Sprint SIM to fit into your phone and they’ll give you one for free.


If you’re an iPhone guy or gal, you’ll need an unlocked or Verizon iPhone 5C or above. Alternatively, you can check out some sweet $40 phones that will work with the service, like the Sprint Prepaid – Motorola Moto E 4G with 8GB Memory or the VM 1GB Nokia Lumia 635 4G, both currently on sale at Best Buy.


The initial $12 payment is for overage, and if your Top-Up balance reaches $0, another $12 auto Top Up will be automatically charged to your credit card on file.


The service uses the Sprint network, so if  you know that it’s sketchy in your area, you should take that into consideration.


The deal is available Tuesday December 8, 2015 from 12 Noon PST until Thursday December 10, 2015 at 12 Noon PST.


Go get it!







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