Google Home – The lowdown.

Google Home is coming at your faces!


So what is it and why might you want it?


Well, it’s Google’s version of the Amazon Echo, and according to them, it’s just like it, but better.




You use ‘Ok Google’ to activate the device, and it has a bunch of microphones so that it’s always listening for your voice commands. It can control smart home devices, play music through speakers in different rooms, and, well, do it’s whole Google thing. You know, the Google thing that works so well that it’s now verb as well as a noun? Yeah, that thing.


Google Home can also tap into other Google services, like Google Photos and Google Maps, and you can get a daily update on your events, reminders, traffic and weather from a feature called ‘My Day’ .


It will also work with Chromecast, and in the not too distant future, it will support Netflix.


The new AI device will be available on Nov. 4 for $129 from Google themselves and from big box retailers like Target and Walmart. It’ll come with a fancy  6-month trial for YouTube Red and will come in 6 different colored body cases. It’s also totally rad looking, although that may be subjective.


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