How to sync your iBooks onto your iPad



Lesson time! Obviously books are a lot easier (if only because it’s more natural) to read on your iPad instead of your computer. Here’s how to sync your books from your computer to your iPad.


Connect your iPad through usb to your computer.


If it’s the first time you’re connecting your iPad to your computer, both devices wil ask if the other is trustworthy. You should say yes, unless you have sneaky suspicions, of course.


iTunes on your computer should open automatically, but if it doesn’t, you can open it yourself (look at what a big strong adult you are)


Once open, click on the button ‘iPad’ or the name of the iPad in the top right corner.


At the top of the window that opens, it will give you a range of options – summary info, apps, music movies, TV shows Podcast, iTunes U ( everyone should look into iTunes U btw), and finally, books.


( Hot tip – you can sync all these things between your devices using the same method)


Click on books.


Select the ‘sync books’ check box, then choose to ‘sync all books’ or ‘selected books’ (which you can pick from below.)


There are 4 stages of syncing – it should take about 5 minutes ( depending on how much data you’re syncing of course.)


You can also sync your Audiobooks here.


Now you have all that lovely reading material on both! We recommend Shantaram, ‘Is everyone hanging out without me’ by Mindy and Mr Mercedes by Stephen King.


Just try not to do the ‘ol lying on your back reading with your iPad held above you until it falls on your face injury, k? K.


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