I wanna see your face! Wireless Video Calls for Free

I Wanna See Your Face!


There have been videophone’s around since the 1960’s. Surprising? It certainly surprised me.  I’m not sure when I started getting used to the fact that I could see the people I was talking to no matter where in the world they were- but I think it was at least several decades after that.


What’s even more surprising is that videophones never took off. Huge phone companies still won’t even talk about the possibility of bringing them out.


What has taken off though; is that instead of using phone technology, now, we use phone apps that connect us across wireless internet. Now I’m pretty sure that was just a sparkle in..someone’s eye in the 60’s. And it’s easy. And wonderful. Here’s a few reasons you should download Skype onto your iPhone right NOW!


1) You can have date night when you’re thousands of miles away.

2) You can see Kangaroos, in the sunshine, on the beach, in Australia, when you’re in the middle of snow in Nantucket.

3) You can show a medical professional your symptoms.

4) You can watch a youtube clip on skype- on someone’s phone, through their computer, to yours, even when your internet has been limited by speed.

5) You can have, uh… intimate moments. Moving on…

6) The best two apps for seeing someone’s beautiful face are Skype and FaceTime. Both are extremely easy to use, and free on a wireless connection. Amazing.

7) Skype is especially awesome, because if your internet is capped by bandwidth to the point that you have difficulty even watching a youtube clip- Skype will still work, perfectly. It reroutes itself through another port.


Now go download it, phone a kangaroo and have an intimate moment with a healthcare professional.


You know you want to.