iPhone 5S news





So, a dude over at Fox News, Clayton Morris, is saying that he knows some other dudes that know that the 5S will have a tracking sensor within the camera that will support gesture control. Gesture control- when you flip and flap your fingers over the device to control it, like from the Future.




This is actually a feature that is under Apple patent, but there is quite a lot of hesitation around this rumor, and if this feature will be appearing on this iPhone release, but we’ll just have to wait and see!


What is more likely is that the 5S will have an A7 chip- capable of giving the phone 31% more power. Always good! According to 9to5Mac‘s Mark Gurman, Apple has been testing 64 bit A7 chips for the possible inclusion in the 5S. This would mean much higher quality animation and graphics.


Sonny Dickson, the guy that posted a lot of leaked photos of the 5S and 5C has done it again, and this time with a fourth option for color for the 5S – graphite.



Another website- repair company Mendmyi- also posted photos of apparent leaked 5S parts that feature the graphite color.




TMONews has reported that T-Mobile has implemented blackout staff vacation dates between the 20th September and 22nd September – making the release date for the iPhone 5S very likely to land on September 20.


Aaaand that’s a wrap. For the next couple of hours, anyway.



Soooo freaking exciting!







Images courtesy of Pandasu.co.uk,  Sonnydickson.com & mendmyi.com