iPhone Production may be delayed

Apple’s production plans for the newest iPhone model next month could face complications and delays due to the coronavirus outbreak  in China.


Although with over 4000 people infected, and over 100 people killed by the outbreak, iPhone production is not top of the list of things to worry about, it may serve as a delay for the iPhone, with most of Apple’s iPhones being made in China, by Foxconn in Zhengzhou and by Pegatron at an assembly plant near Shanghai.


Apple usually launches it’s smartphones around September, so the coronavirus shouldn’t affect those plans, but Apple is also reportedly prepping a new low-cost iPhone that’s set to be released during the first half of 2020 – possibly as early as March – which puts those mass production plans more at risk with mass production of the new low-cost iPhone reportedly due to start in the third week of February.


BUT, Foxconn said it’s monitoring the situation in China and following all recommended health practices. It declined to comment on production in specific locations but said, “We can confirm that we have measures in place to ensure that we can continue to meet all global manufacturing obligations.”
Over the weekend, Good guy Tim Cook tweeted that the company intends to donate money in support of groups in China fighting the outbreak of the Coronavirus.



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