Messages in iOS 10

Messages got some interesting updates, revealed in the Keynote of WWDC last Monday. So what can you expect?




LINKS. Now when you drop in a link in iMessage, a full preview will show up with rich links. If it’s a VIDEO, it’ll start to play. If you share an Apple Music link, you can listen without leaving iMessage.


EMOJI get bigger and better: YAY. We’re talking three times bigger than usual. Tap to Replace brings a list of predictive emoji that can replace text.


TAPBACK, will make is so you can send your friend six preset answers to a question of theirs like a thumbs up, a heart, and a question mark.


INVISIBLE INK makes it so you can send a message or photo to your friend. It’ll appear fuzzy until they swipe on it to see what you wrote or drew.




ANIMATIONS AND BUBBLE TEXT! You can make certain texts appear bigger or smaller, at a slant, ETC. If you’re celebrating something, you can make an animation take over the entire screen.


Apps for iMessage are now a possibility: You can now add certain apps to use just within iMessage, like JibJab.


Similar to Snapchat, you’ll be able to draw on a photo or video, add stickers, or include your HEARTBEAT.



So much fun, Messages on iOS 10! Almost as fun as CAPITALIZING AND BOLDING THINGS.





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