Need some cash for that shiny Apple Watch? Read this!



Just look at those beauties. Shiny, functional, brand spanking new Apple Watches. Available for pre-order April 10th, with earliest delivery and purchase coming at you April 24th. SO SOON!


If you’re not looking at getting an extra large tax return this year, and you’ve decided that an Apple Watch is what you very very want yes please with a cherry on top, then you be might in need for some extra cashola to help you out with the minimum $349 clams you’re going to have to hand over.


Maybe you have a significant other who’s decided that that’s what they very very want. And if you really love them, then an Apple Watch they shall have!


Got an old, broken or water damaged iPhone lying around?  Get some cash for that stink-bomb!  We will give you up to $400 for that thing! (more for a new phone, d’uh)


It’s super simple. Go to and enter in the details of your phone. You’ll receive a quote of the amount of cash we’ll pay you, then you can choose whether you want to be paid via check, Paypal or Bitcoin (because we’re fancy like that).


You can use any box you might have lying around and we’ll mail you a pre-paid postage label, or we’ll mail you a pre-paid mailer box and all you need to do is slip your old stinky phone in it and mail it away to us and wait for your cash!


BAM! Shiny Happy Apple Watch wearing person!


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