New Amazon products announced!

Amazon announced a bunch of new stuff in Seattle today, from services to updated hardware to whole new products!


Let’s get started with the thing that most people have a hard time with – privacy. Amazon is (today) rolling out “home mode” which allows customers to control audio and video recordings, limiting them when you’re around. You can now say “Alexa, tell me what you heard” or “tell me why you did that” and your speaker will respond, telling you the information it retained, as well as the fact that voice recordings will now also automatically delete after some time.


Next up we have the announcement that you can soon pay for the ability to have celebrity voices on your Alexa products, which is half awesome, half creepy.

We have a brand spanking new Echo Dot WITH CLOCK which is… an Echo Dot, with a clock built in to the display and we also have an updated Echo speaker for $99.99. It will pre-order today with a simple cloth-wrapped design, and improved speaker hardware.


Echo Studio is new, with left, right and top mid-range speakers that create directional sound, a directional tweeter for great, high end performance and a built-in 5.25-inch bass driver coupled with a bass port. This is available today for pre-order from $199.99.


Echo Show 8 is 8 – inches in size, with a larger square screen than the Echo Show 5.  You can pre-order it today and it’s $129.


Echo Glow is a $29.99 smart lamp,  Echo Flex is a small speaker that plugs directly in your wall for $24.99, and Echo Buds are an AirPod competitor with 5 hours of battery life or up to 20 hours with the included charging case for $129 ( pre order today).


So here’s to some of the further left field stuff –  Echo Frames, glasses with Alexa. You read that right. Frames brings Alexa and directional microphones to your eyes and ears, they are available with prescriptions if needed. and cost $180.


We also have a Smart Oven.  For $249.99, you can have full Alexa integration in your oven AND it ships with an Echo Dot.



Echo Loop – this is a titanium ring that has two built-in microphones, which offers built-in notifications and Alexa right on your finger. The titanium frame houses everything which includes a built-in vibrating motor for haptic feedback. Echo Loop will sell for $129.99 as a beta product with the required invite to purchase.


The Eero home wifi system got shown off, as did new Ring products, including the Ring Retrofit Alarm Kit which adds Ring into your home’s existing security system starting at $199.99. The new Stick Up Cam, for $99.99,  offers 1080p video, motion detection, and upgraded night vision.


Seems like Amazon wants your whole house to be called Alexa, but as long as it’s Brad Pit’s voice, is that bad at all?





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