New anti-discrimination bill named after Tim Cook



Tim Cook must feel pretty good about 2014. Looking back, we’ve got the successful launch of 2 new iPhone models, the Apple Watch announcement, his inspiring announcement about how he was tackling work place discrimination, starting with the announcement that he was gay in a personal essay in Boomberg Businessweek, and now an Alabama Representative is planning on introducing a new anti-discrimination bill named after him.


Named the Tim Cook Economic Development Act, the bill aims to end work-place discrimination based on sexual orientation, something which is very close to Tim Cook’s heart. The representative, Patricia Todd, was inspired to name the Bill after Cook after he spoke about how we are not moving quickly enough when it comes to equality for the LGBT community.


This was during another awesome 2014 event for Cook, when he was inducted into the Alabama Academy of Honor.


Originally, there was some confusion at Apple by staff who wanted to protect the company from getting embroiled in politics by preventing the Bill being associated with Mr Cook, however Apple have since come out and said that they are proud to be linked in such a manner to a cause that they so fiercely believe in.


Equality and anti-discrimination is something that Mr Cook is bringing to the forefront of values at Apple, in the hopes that these values will inspire others to do the same. Congratulations on a pretty amazing year, Mr Cook. If they made a Holiday special about your year in review, it would be something we would sit down and watch with a glass of whiskey.


P.S Because we’ve been working so hard on our annual iPhone Antidote Christmas Gift guide, we won’t be having our Deals of The Week Wednesday this week, but keep a look out for our gift guide, because that thing… that thing’s gonna rock socks.





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