New Apple Patent published!


Interesting news!
Apple has lodged a new patent with the US Patent and Technology office, which was published by them on March 21, 2013. This new patent reveals a range of new protective mechanisms they have invented in order to prevent any of their iDevices cracking or breaking when dropped.


The range of unprecedented measures include a protective mechanism that uses a sensor to detect when the device is in free fall and changes the device’s position in the air by changing the center of mass- so that a less vital part of the phone will hit the ground first.


Also included is an automatic battery ejection to change the angle of the device mid-fall to minimize damage and gripping members that expand during free-fall to hold on to headphones or power cords, and even slow down the fall.


These are only a few of the many mechanisms patented by Apple to protect their device’s and it is still early stages but it is news that will be welcomed by many a poor Apple user whose heart has been broken by a cracked or broken iDevice!


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