New iPhone will have a smaller dock



Lots of news today about the next iPhone dock being made smaller. Quick outline- Apple iProducts currently have a 30 prong dock connecter cable and have done since 2003. The next iPhone, due out around October, is confirmed to have a large reduction in dock connecter size so as to move the headphone jack to the bottom. Allegedly.


A lot of people are hence questioning whether or not the new phone will come with an adapter or if it will be sold separately.


I think that Apple as a customer oriented brand won’t charge for this extra bit of equipment that they’ve made necessary through their own design, although they did do exactly that recently enough when they decided to charge $9.99 for a power adapter for their Apple’s new Magsafe 2 Power connecterfound on the new MacBook Air and Retina MacBook Pro.


On that note, I think that there are secrets hiding in this modification. I could very well be wrong but it feels like such a huge and potentially difficult design change for something that wasn’t really broke is a bit of a red herring.


And then I start to get excited. The main and acknowledged problem with iPhones and I guess Mac products in general is battery life. Maybe With Apple changing the way power comes into their products they’re preparing for something amazing. There’s gotta be some boom or maybe I’m just looking too hard?