New Website of the Week: Political Edition

There’s a new website out in the interwebs that promises one thing, and that one thing is pretty funny/scary.


Maple Match promises to match Americans who plan to leave the country based on a Trump presidency with sympathetic Canadians.





A Trump presidency is looking more and more possible, and Maple Match is capitalizing on how terrifying that is for many Americans. Don’t want to live in a Trump led America? How about a Justin Trudeau led Canada with a fellow Trump disliking mate? MAPLE MATCH, SON.


From the Sauce, CEO Joe Goldman, who hopes that his site will provide: “opportunities for like-minded Canadians and Americans to build meaningful relationships and escape the unfathomable horror of [a] Trump presidency.”


Funny, viral, and potentially realistic? Get on the waitlist now! Also: remember to vote, kids. It’s cool.



Check out Maple Match here. 



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