No more Bose



So we’ve been hearing about how Bose is now the official sponsor of the NFL, and how players have been banned from wearing any competitor headphones (such as Beats) on camera, how Colin Kaepernick and others have ignored that rule and how Beats has gotten a ton of cheap press for it all.



What you may not have heard is that not long after Beats was acquired by Apple, Bose actually filed a patent claim against Beats focusing on their ‘improper use’ of it’s noise cancellation technology. This case was settled out of court.



And now it seems like this tech company beef might not going away any time soon.



Apple has now officially stopped stocking Bose products for sale online or in-store. It kinda makes sense not to stock a direct competitor, however they do still stock other similar competitor’s brands such as Urbanears, Bang & Olufsen and Sennheiser. Seems like Beats might be wanting to stick around in their press limelight for a little longer and… wait for it… silence Bose. No way Bose…ay!


We’re here all week!





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