See the first trailer for the Steve Jobs movie here!

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The new Steve Jobs movie has had it’s fair share of media attention in it’s short life so far, what with multiple cast members dropping out and the whole Sony-dropping-the-movie-thing but this time it’s only good media!


Today, Universal, who took over from Sony, have released the film’s first trailer! In it you see Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs on a stage with his back to the camera as you hear other characters muse about who Jobs is (taken from other parts of the film).


At the end you see what Kate Winslet, Seth Rogan and Jeff Daniels look like in their roles as Joanna Hoffman, Steve Wozniak,  and John Sculley, respectively.


Then, we get a release date – October 9th. It’s not the best trailer we’ve ever seen, but we can see the potential. Hopefully we get a better follow-up trailer soon!


Watch it! What do you think?








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