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New Apple Watch bands available now!

You can now swankify your Apple Watch with the new Apple Watch bands that were Introduced in Apple’s recent ‘Loop you in’ event.


The Woven Nylon bands, ($49) in Gold/Red, Gold/Royal Blue, Royal Blue, Pink, Pearl, Scuba Blue, and Black, are available alongside updated  Sport Bands, Modern Buckles, Leather Loops, and Classic Buckles and a new Black Milanese Loop.




You can purchase them in-store after walking in, or you can check stock online, grab the tasty Apple band morsel you desire, buy it, and then pick up in-store.


Of course, there’s always a bit of a wait on some new items. Because Apple. This time, you’re most likely looking at waiting patiently on the 38mm Scuba Blue and Gold/Red Woven Nylon bands.