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Tim Cook’s Bloomberg essay.

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You might have heard that a couple of days ago, Tim Cook, CEO over at Apple, had an essay published in the latest edition of Bloomberg Businessweek. You might not. Either way, you should probably read it when you can.


In the article, Tim Cook publicly opens up about his life as a gay man. It’s something that’s never been a real secret, but also something that’s never been publicly stated, because up until now Cook has kept his private life pretty separate from Apple.


What spurred this public statement is an admirable attempt at tackling discrimination in the workplace, beginning from within Apple. Cook has put aside his desire for privacy to prioritize instead his need for providing a workplace where equality isn’t an issue, be it gender, race or sexuality equality.


Cook believes that equality in the workplace is an important issue everyone should be prioritizing, and that the ability to make a workplace better is a gift anyone who finds themselves in a position to provide, should.


It’s a great read. Check it out here: