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Tech Tip Of The Day- youtube edition



YouTube is awesome, because that’s where we get Britney Spears best-of compilations and Tech N9ne lyrics for our flow parties, but it’s also got quite some surprising and secret easter eggs that not many people know about.


The end.


Just kidding! Here’s  list of what we think are the best Easter Eggs on YouTube.


*Protuber is a free YouTube app on the iPhone which allows you to multitask while playing a video.


*If you pause a video on YouTube and type the numbers ‘1980’ you will get missiles firing at your video, and the ability to fight back.





* Pause a video on YouTube, then hold down the left arrow key for 2-3 seconds. Whilst holding down that key, press the up arrow. BAM! YOU’RE PLAYING SNAKE!





*Right click on any YouTube video and you can scroll down to the ‘Stats For Nerds’ option. Click on it and you get a rundown of statistics of the video you’re watching, including dimensions, frames and volume percentage.





*Type the word ‘repeat’ after youtube in the URL – for example: This will let you play the video on repeat!


Finally, don’t forget to check out to get your weekly dose of YouTube awesomness.







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Another Google secret!

Happy Humpday!


Wednesday is almost Thursday. Thuuuuursday is so close to being friday which is pretty much the weekend and the weekend means beers and the beach right? Or, wait, family quality time. That’s what we meant.


To help you guys out with some Wednesday afternoon procrastination for the nation, how about some time with the original ladies man?





No, not that guy! Pacman, duh!




Originally bought out by Google for the 30th anniversary of Pacman on May 22, 2010, the link is essentially an easter egg where instead of searching for stuff you need to find out about, you can play Pacman!


It was so greatly received and proved to be so popular, Google left it there on the internet. Just for you guys!



What heroes. Kinda like this guy!







Here’s the link!



Also take note: Clicking on the right and left arrows will also take you through a gallery of previous Google ‘Doodles’ celebrating various anniversaries and special dates.







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